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S. Pitts

My name is Siedra Pitts, and I am the school counselor for Carver Road Middle School. I have had the privilege to serve the students, parents, and the faculty/ staff of Carver Road Middle School for the past 10 years. As the school counselor, I look forward to working with the students in the  ASCA model for the academic, career, and personal/ social domains. During these transition years, I also look forward to watching the students grow and explore opportunities that will help them to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

V. McDowell

Hi, Soaring Eagles!!  I am, Velencia McDowell, your Mental Health School Counselor with over 23 years in clinical mental health counseling.  My ultimate goal here at Carver Road Middle School (CAMS) is to assist with the social emotional development of Scholars and Champions by providing therapeutic support in a safe space.  CAMS academic and mental health wellness goals are congruent with GSCS vision in “transforming our students into future-ready learners and contributing members of society”.  I am so grateful to be able to work in a field where I can “be an agent for change” and make a difference in the lives of rising leaders

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